BCBC: Finding the Twist

BCBC: Finding the Twist

Justin Nicholson

One of my mottos in horse racing is that I enjoy the challenge of selecting the right horse more than the action that comes with betting on one. I’m more excited about being right than the financial reward that comes with it (though getting paid for a correct analysis never hurts). Well, in a few weeks, I’m throwing that all out the window and playing the 2016 Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge.

The $10,000 entry fee will represent by far the biggest single “bet” I’ve ever made. Sure, it’s actually a bunch of bets over the course of two days, at least if I last long enough, but that said, I’m putting it all at risk. To do that, the reward has to go beyond just being right. This time, I admit, the money’s on my mind.

One thing is certain, with the stakes as high as they will be on Breeders’ Cup weekend, I’m diving into some very deep water. 

By no means can I be considered a professional handicapper, though no doubt many entrants in this contest would qualify as such. Any edge I might have comes from a lifetime of experience as an owner, breeder, and evaluator of talent from the bloodstock side of things. I’ve followed many of the horses that have ended up on the Breeders’ Cup stage from early in their careers.

To me, betting the Breeders’ Cup is like anticipating the final chapter of a really good book before the author has written it. You’ve had a feeling how the book would end all year and now you get a chance to find out. Sometimes the ending isn’t exactly how you picture it. Many good books, maybe even the best books, have twists. If you can see one of those coming, you might just win the BCBC.

My homework begins now, and I’ll be posting about the journey to the BCBC here on our Equestriblog.

In the meantime, please explore the website to read more about an even bigger bet I’m making – the launch of the first-ever international horse racing convention, fan festival and trade show named Equestricon!