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ThoroFan: YOU Can Have a Voice in This Industry

ThoroFan: YOU Can Have a Voice in This Industry

An Introduction to Thorofan and how we are working to make sure Horse Racing understands the needs and desires of its passionate fans

The Thoroughbred industry has always had groups that represent every stakeholder in it.  Well, all except one that is.  For years there was no official group that represented perhaps one of the biggest segments of the racing industry, the fan.  That has all changed with the creation of Thorofan.  Thorofan is the only nationally recognized 501 (c) 3 nonprofit in existence with the sole purpose of making sure the fans have a voice in the industry.  We also provide many great opportunities for fans to enjoy all there is to see and do at the racetrack.  Come to this informative talk about how Thorofan got started, how we are making an impact in the industry, how YOU can be part of it all, and how YOU can help us grow to make sure the fan always has a voice and can enjoy this amazing sport we so passionately love!!