EQCON18 Merchandise RFP

Meeting Details

Frequency of Meeting: 2nd Annual Event

Event Dates: October 28-31, 2018

Estimated Attendance: 3500-5000

Attendee Profiles    

    Male: 50%            

    Female: 50%


    Local residents: 55%

    US (non-local domestic): 40%

    International:   5%

Target Audience: Equestricon was formed with the mission of being an all-inclusive and all-encompassing industry event. Attendees will include owners, trainers, jockeys, representatives from farms, sales companies and innovators from across all spectrums of the racing industry.

Major Events: Exhibit Hall, educational program and seminars will all take place in the Kentucky International Convention Center. Fan tours, hospitality, experiences, and events to take place in and around Louisville

Description of Service Requirements

Equestricon 2018 is soliciting responses to this Request for Proposal (“RFP”) for an agency to service the merchandise and apparel needs of its convention. The organization is looking for a company to outfit staff and volunteers, produce merchandise for sales and promotional items for Equestricon 2018. 


Company Profile/Background

Equestricon is the first and only of its kind premiere horse racing lifestyle event designed to celebrate the sport of racing with its fans. Equestricon is a national horse racing convention that will be held from October 28-31, 2018 in Louisville, Kentucky, with October 28th and 31st serving as “add-on experience” days with events in and around Louisville, and October 29-30 as the general session to be hosted at the Kentucky International Convention Center. The convention will bring together fans, bettors, industry insiders, personalities, major racing organizations, racing product and service providers, 100+ vendors and more, in a lively atmosphere of engagement, discussion, and entertainment. Equestricon is being organized by Justin Nicholson and Kathryn Sharp and Dan Tordjman. 

Proposal Deliverables and Timelines

Submission Guidelines

Submissions of proposals must be received no later than Wednesday, May 30, by 5:00 pm EST. Submission by email is acceptable. Each proposal must contain detailed information on the functions as outlined above as well as detailed information on the financial remuneration for services that is expected from Equestricon. In certain circumstances additional information may be requested.

Proposals will be evaluated based on the overall value of the deliverables, the competency and background of the organization, and the viability of the remuneration presented.


Companies must submit detailed, firm price proposals including any additional costs expected. These prices are to be inclusive of all costs.

Submission & Selection

Proposals must be submitted by Wednesday, May 30, at 5:00 p.m. EST. Company may email photo examples and any other supplemental information to Kathryn Sharp. You will be notified if any further questions arise. Unless further conversations are required, final selection will be made by Monday, June 4, 2018.

EQCON18 Merchandise PROPOSAL

Standard Submission

Company Address *
Company Address
Primary Contact Name *
Primary Contact Name
Primary Contact Phone Number *
Primary Contact Phone Number
Here the company should describe their overall approach to this job, and their understanding of the project as a whole. The proposing company should also discuss their background and why they feel they are qualified to fulfill the needs of this RFP. Companies should also identify any attributes they feel they have which would be viewed as a beneficial to Equestricon.
The response should include specific examples of projects overseen and pros and cons while working with these types of projects. Actual references will be noted in the next section of the proposal. It is not required that the references be the same as the experience examples.
This could include comparable campaigns or examples of previous work completed. References must have a point person that can be contacted and is available to receive phone calls and/or emails from a representative at Equestricon.
Use the field below to describe your process and payment schedule
Understanding that Equestricon intends to sell merchandise via its ticketing platform for convention pick-up only, samples of certain branded merchandise items may be required for advance promotion. Please answer the following: 1. Will company run samples of select approved merchandise for advance promotion? If so, what are the associated fees? 2. Will Company photograph these items for advance promotion? If so, are there any associated fees?
Certain companies have expressed interest in managing the onsite sales of merchandise at the convention. Here the company should outline their proposed handling of onsite sales, including: 1. Proposed revenue/cost share 2. Footprint/equipment needed 3. Does Company desire to sell its own proprietary merchandise? 4. Inventory shipping and handling
Does Company offer fulfillment and warehousing services? If so, please detail the costs, process and technical requirements.
Outline if or how you might support Equestricon, whether through a potential cash sponsorship, commission based sponsorship, in-kind support, etc.
(80) Velcro ball cap. Single color embroidery front and back. Per unit cost.
(120) Berry-colored tees (inexpensive). Single color screen printing front and back. Per unit cost.
(500) Blackberry T-shirts with 5-color screen print (block letter logo design). Per unit cost.
(150) Blackberry-colored long-sleeve tees. 5 color screen print (block letter logo design). Per unit cost.
(500) Off-white tees with dye sub poster design. Per unit cost.
(500) Blackberry sport ball caps with 4-color block letter embroidery on front, single color embroidery on back, and side. Per unit cost.
(100) Branded or wrapped hot/cold Swell bottle or similar. Per unit cost.
(500) Small tumbler "Derby" style glasses with custom printed design. Individually boxed.
(300-350) Please suggest large VIP Gift Tote that zips. $15 per unit price max. Email photo samples to
Equestricon 2018 is looking for 3-to-4 unique and relatable promotional items ( 200-400 ea). Please propose some items 2018 Equestricon can use for promotional giveaways and soliciting of the event. (Ideas: sunglasses, clear stadium tote bags, magnet, pins seat cushions, power banks, money clip, racing-themed silks items, racewear). Per unit prices.
(50) High-end specialty gift for Equestricon Board Members and special guests. Per unit price.
Confidentiality and Use of Information *
Participant, in consideration of being given this opportunity, agrees to treat all the information contained in this document as confidential to Equestricon. The information is to be used by Participant only for the purpose of preparing a response, and will not be disclosed to third parties. The information in this document may not be used or shared with other parties for any other purpose, without first obtaining Equestricon written consent.
Proposal Guidelines *
By following these instructions, providers will submit pertinent information in a manner that allows a fair, objective and consistent evaluation of all proposals. RFP recipients are expected to follow these instructions. Equestricon is under no obligation to award a contract to any bidder who responds to this RFP. Equestricon reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids and to take exception to any RFP specifications or requirements. Equestricon reserves the right to make an award solely on the proposals submitted or to negotiate further with selected providers. Please note Equestricon will not pay for any costs associated with the submission of the proposal. All costs will be paid by the bidding company. Providers should include proposed solutions in their response, along with detailed descriptions of similar projects they have delivered for other clients.